Steamed Distilled


Plant Oils

Organically Crafted

Natural Ingredients

Sourced sustainably and harvested globally

Lab Tested

By 3rd Party


100% Guaranteed

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Juniper Berry

Juniperus Communis

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Ways to use essential oils

*100% Pure essential oils should always be diluted. Always use safety precautions when handling.


Drop 5-8 drops of our essential oil in a diffuser and enlighten the room.


Drop 3-4 drops of our essential oil in steaming hot water, cover head with towel and inhale.


Make massage oils by diluting our essential oils with a carrier at 2-4%.


Make your favorite DIY beauty products by adding our essential oils.


Need a relaxing bath? Just add 4-8 drops of our oils to the tub and enjoy!


Create a custom scent while doing your household chores, just mix in our oils.

Customer reviews

Janna N.

Don’t waste your money on more expensive oils. This is top quality for a better price.

Luka S.

2-3 drops of this oil and it brightens the entire room the entire day.

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